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 Ao Dai - Vietnam's traditional dress

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PostSubject: Ao Dai - Vietnam's traditional dress   Sun Nov 07, 2010 9:16 am

Story written by: Nyugen Ngoc Thanh Mai

Saigon is popular for many diferent business towns such as Hien Vuong chicken town in Vo Thi Sau street, clothing town in Thu Khoa Huan, Tu Do souvenir town in Dong Khoi, etc. Among those popular towns, Ao dai town has its own beautiful charming features. “Ao dai”, a Vietnamese national outfit, is a tight-fitting silk tunic worn over pantaloons. The word "ao dai" was originally applied to the outfit worn at the court of the Nguyen Lords at Hue, the imperial capital of the Nguyen Dynasty in the 18th century. Vietnamese women occasionally wear “ao dai” on special events and during the Tet holiday (Vietnamese Lunar New Year).

Symbol of innocence and purity

Ao dai town is located on Pasteur Street. It is here that you can also find Ao dai related store chains selling goods such as silks, decorations, and even ao dai paintings. And for women who may be interested to custom make an ao dai, you are definitely in the right company, as situated along this street are dozens of skillful tailors who will be able to serve your needs.

Designs have undergone modernization

Many famous brands (to the people of Saigon) have set up shop in this town. Popular names such as Lam Nguyen or Lien Huong (specializing in painting and decorating ao dai), Thiet Lap, Linh Phuong, Nhu Y, Nha, Phuong Anh (specializing in designing and tailoring ao dai) are all neighbours to each other. Among them, Thiet Lap has been established for 40 years and is the oldest brand in Saigon. Nha Tailor is another very popular shop since Ms Nha designed the winning entru for Ms. Ao dai in 1989. Other prominent names include Phuong and Lien Huong tailors who designed 80 ao dai sets for the Ms Ao dai competition in 1995.

Variety of designs for all occasions

Between Pasteur and Vo Thi Sau area are 5 consecutive tailoring stores. Their customers vary from housewives to models, and even students. Sometimes, even men come to their stores for wedding ao dais for men. Tourists form another large portion of ao dai buyers. They usually come here to pick out their ao dais as a souvenir, or as a gift to friends.
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Ao Dai - Vietnam's traditional dress
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