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 An Dong Plaza

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PostSubject: An Dong Plaza   Sat Nov 06, 2010 10:03 pm

Story written by: Nguyen Ngoc Thanh Mai

Operating since 1954, the old An Dong Market sells to both the wholesale and retail markets. From the outside, An Dong appears to be a typical traditional market that you can find throughout Saigon. But from the moment you set foot in the market, you will be pleasantly surprised by the phenomenal range of clothes, bags, shoes, accessories, and food. In fact, a large majority of fashion retailers throughout Saigon swear by this market for their stocks.

Saigon's biggest wholesale market

Almost anything and everything can be found in this market, but it takes very skillful bargaining to ensure that you get the best prices for your buys. One major factor that works to the benefit of the shopper would be that for every item that you fancy, you’ll probably be able to find it at 10 other retailers. So do take your time to walk around, and wait for someone to offer you the price you can’t resist. Better still, get a local to deal on your behalf. You’ll be sure to pick up some techniques after some keen observation. Most stalls will carry a blue board which states ‘Fixed Price’, but if you are persistent enough, discounts of up to 25% can easily be agreed upon.

Everything from fruits to gold

Jades, handicrafts, and clothing are the most popular products in the old An Dong Market. If you feel hungry or thirsty, you can also try some traditional desserts and snacks beside the market which is really cheap. Delicious thirst quenchers can be bought for less than a dollar. But do be prepared that hygiene may not rank very highly on the list of priorities of these vendors.

Levels after levels of bargains

An Dong Market is located at 18 An Duong Vuong, P9, Dist. 5. Coincidentally, District 5 is also the area in which most of the Chinese Vietnamese reside. Therefore, it’s not uncommon to hear sellers speaking Cantonese or some other dialects there. If you can speak Cantonese, it could be a further advantage when it comes to bargaining.

Satisfied shoppers

Beside the old market is An Dong Plaza which is significantly more modern than the old one. If you want to try some safe and affordable food, the An Dong supermarket in An Dong Plaza may be your best choice. Outside An Dong Plaza, you may also stop for a cuppa at Highlands coffee, a popular Vietnamese coffee chain. While it is more comfortable shopping at An Dong Plaza, sourcing for a good deal can be a lot more challenging.
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An Dong Plaza
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